About us

About us

Our team of passionate travel professionals are dedicated to providing you with first class customer service and a personalised and tailored experience. Whether you're interested in river, expedition, coastal or ultra luxury cruise, we'll match you with the perfect cruise to make your holiday truly memorable.

We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with all major cruise lines, offering you unparalleled value and choices for your holiday. Trust in our expertise to secure the best deal, and rest easy knowing that every single detail of your journey is meticulously managed. From romantic escapes to once-in-a-lifetime adventures, we’re here to help you discover the perfect cruise.

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Why book with Art of Travel

Specialists in River, Expedition, Coastal, and Ultra Luxury Cruises
Our vast experience and partnerships with all major cruise lines make us the go-to specialists for River, Expedition, Coastal, and Ultra Luxury Cruises. Our expertise in these types of cruises ensures that you’ll have a wide array of choices and the very best experiences.

Experienced Team, Personalised Service, Exceptional Care
Our passionate team, enriched by years of industry experience, is committed to understanding and catering to your unique cruise preferences. At Art of Travel, we promise an unwavering focus on your journey, from enquiry to return.

Your Cruise Specialist
With Art of Travel, you’ll have access to our Cruise Specialists. Combining years of experience with a genuine passion for travel, our Cruise Specialists are always on hand to provide expert advice, personal recommendations, and assistance at every step of your journey.

Unbiased Expertise and Extensive Choice
Benefit from our independent status and extensive partnerships with major cruise lines. We offer an unmatched range of cruises, using our unbiased expertise to find your perfect holiday. Your dream journey is our priority.

Financial Protection
When you book with Art of Travel, you’re booking with complete confidence. We are fully bonded with ABTA, providing robust financial protection for your peace of mind. No matter where your journey takes you, rest assured that your investment is safe with us.

Need a Helping Hand?

Having difficulty pinpointing your ideal cruise? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’re always ready to lend a helping hand. Simply give us a call or share your preferences with us, and we’ll expertly guide you through the sea of choices. Together, we’ll find a cruise that not only matches your travel aspirations, but truly goes above and beyond.

Call us today and let us find your perfect cruise

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