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    About the Avalon Waterways Cruises

    Embark on an unforgettable journey with Avalon Waterways, one of the premier river cruise lines in the industry. This renowned company offers a unique cruising experience, combining luxury and adventure in equal measure. With a fleet of state-of-the-art ships, Avalon journeys cover some most mesmerising rivers in the world, such as the Rhine, Danube, Seine, and Yangtze.

    Each ship in the fleet promises a spacious and intimate experience onboard. The average Avalon Waterways ship measures between 110m (360ft) and 135m (443ft) in length, accommodating between 128 and 166 passengers. This means you’ll enjoy spacious accommodation and communal areas, while never feeling crowded.

    Avalon Waterways ensures a luxurious holiday at every turn. From the panoramic windows offering unmatched views to the delectable cuisines served onboard – everything comes together to make your holiday perfect. Plus, the cruise line’s dedication to sustainable travel and enriching, locally-led excursions offer another layer of satisfaction to any environmentally conscious traveller.

    But let’s not forget the between-cruise experiences. Each holiday with Avalon Waterways promises to be a treasure trove of cultural experiences. The immersive shore excursions are led by knowledgeable local guides, bringing you up close and personal with the history, culture, and heritage of your ports of call.

    Why book an Avalon Waterways Cruise

    Comfort and Luxury: Avalon boasts of ships with a high comfort level. Each stateroom is designed with a contemporary touch and equipped with modern amenities. The exclusive Avalon Fresh menu, crafted by two Austrian celebrity chefs, satisfies your taste buds onboard.

    Culturally enriching experiences: Avalon guarantees enriching experiences with every tour. Their guides are locals of the surrounding areas, so you obtain unparalleled insights into the local culture, tradition, and folklore.

    Convenience and Flexibility: With Avalon Choice, a unique cruise enhancement, guests can personalise details of their cruise to their liking, proving that Avalon truly prioritises their guests’ preferences. This is a cruise line that frames their schedule around yours, not the other way around.


    Avalon Waterways Cruise Ships

    Avalon Algeria

    The Avalon Algeria provides an elegant and contemporary experience, designed to deliver a memorable river cruise holiday. Passengers will be charmed by its spacious staterooms and attentive staff.

    Avalon View

    With state-of-the-art amenities and panoramic windows, Avalon View offers an unparalleled perspective of scenic beauty. The ship provides comfort and sophistication for an extraordinary holiday experience.

    Avalon Envision

    Avalon Envision represents a blend of modern design and luxurious touches. Guests can indulge in gourmet dining and unwind in stylish lounges while exploring captivating landscapes.

    Avalon Imagery II

    The Avalon Imagery II offers a remarkable blend of comfort and innovation. Featuring open-air balconies and exceptional dining, it sets the stage for a unique and enjoyable holiday.

    Avalon Passion

    Known for its spacious suites and inviting atmosphere, Avalon Passion delivers an intimate and personalized river cruise experience. The onboard amenities and excursions are designed to enhance every moment of the journey.

    Avalon Tranquility II

    The Avalon Tranquility II ensures a serene and luxurious river cruise experience. With spacious rooms and engaging activities, guests can explore fascinating destinations in comfort and style.

    Avalon Tapestry II

    Featuring a distinctive blend of elegance and warmth, Avalon Tapestry II invites travellers to explore in comfort. The well-appointed interiors and panoramic views create an unforgettable cruising experience.

    Avalon Poetry II

    Avalon Poetry II offers a refined yet relaxed cruise experience. Guests will enjoy expertly crafted meals and attentive service while meandering through stunning landscapes.

    Avalon Illumination

    Distinguished by its sleek design and modern amenities, Avalon Illumination promises a luxurious and immersive river cruise holiday. Guests will delight in the spacious accommodations and personalised service.

    Avalon Impression

    Providing guests with outstanding comfort and style, Avalon Impression offers an inviting and elegant atmosphere. The ship’s features enhance the journey through each beautiful destination.

    Avalon Expression

    The Avalon Expression provides an engaging and sophisticated cruising experience. With fine dining and deluxe amenities, guests can explore enchanting locations while enjoying top-tier comfort.

    Avalon Visionary

    Avalon Visionary brings innovative design and unparalleled luxury to river cruising. Guests will relish in expertly crafted excursions and lavish amenities as they explore fascinating destinations.

    Avalon Vista

    With its sophisticated design and commitment to comfort, Avalon Vista provides an extraordinary river cruise holiday. Guests can relax in elegant staterooms and enjoy breathtaking views as they sail.

    Avalon Panorama

    As the name suggests, Avalon Panorama offers sweeping views through its expansive windows. The ship’s luxurious features and meticulous attention to detail ensure a memorable and enriching cruise experience.


      Avalon Waterways Cruise Offers

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Vista

      29 June 2024 for 7 nights

      Region/River: Rhine

      Itinerary: Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Cologne - Rüdesheim - Mainz - Strasbourg - Breisac...

      Cruise Only from £3,477pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Panorama

      29 June 2024 for 7 nights

      Region/River: Rhine

      Itinerary: Basel - Breisach - Strasbourg - Mainz - Rüdesheim - Cologne - Amsterdam - ...

      Cruise Only from £3,477pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Envision

      1 July 2024 for 7 nights

      Region/River: Danube

      Itinerary: Budapest - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Dürnstein - Linz - Passau - De...

      Cruise Only from £3,227pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard MS Farah

      1 July 2024 for 4 nights

      Region/River: Nile

      Itinerary: Luxor - Luxor - Edfu - Aswan - Aswan

      Cruise Only from £2,868pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Illumination

      2 July 2024 for 14 nights

      Region/River: Rhine

      Itinerary: Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Cologne - Rüdesheim - Miltenberg - Würzburg - Vol...

      Cruise Only from £6,424pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Passion

      2 July 2024 for 5 nights

      Region/River: Danube

      Itinerary: Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Krems - Mauthausen - Deggendorf

      Cruise Only from £2,278pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon View

      2 July 2024 for 7 nights

      Region/River: Danube

      Itinerary: Deggendorf - Passau - Linz - Melk - Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest - Budape...

      Cruise Only from £3,227pp

      Avalon Waterways aboard Avalon Tapestry II

      2 July 2024 for 7 nights

      Region/River: Seine

      Itinerary: Le Havre - Le Havre - Caudebec-en-Caux - Rouen - Les Andelys - Conflans-Sai...

      Cruise Only from £3,694pp

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