Scenic Eclipse feature on cruising with Susan Calman
Cruising with Susan Calman

Antarctica onboard the Scenic Eclipse

As seen on Channel 5. Part 1, Friday 9th February at 8pm & Part 2, Friday 16th February at 8pm

Discover Antarctica in Ultra-Luxury with Susan Calman

Experience an extraordinary journey to the heart of Antarctica with Susan Calman, the celebrated comedian, writer, and presenter, aboard the luxurious Scenic Eclipse, renowned as The World’s First Discovery Yachts. This unique expedition voyage offers an immersive exploration of the Antarctic’s stunning ice landscapes and mesmerising wildlife.

Part 1: Susan embarks on an intimate journey with nature, encountering whales, dolphins, seals, albatrosses, and penguins in their natural habitat. Witness these captivating moments with her, showcasing the rich biodiversity of the Antarctic region.

Part 2: Venturing to the ends of the Earth, Susan engages in thrilling activities such as kayaking alongside Orcas, exploring the depths in a submersible for unique perspectives, and even braving a leap from the ship into the icy waters. These exhilarating experiences highlight the adventure and discovery that await at the world’s southernmost continent.

Finally, witness Susan Calman relishing the ultra-luxury of the Scenic Eclipse and its unparalleled amenities on board. This segment of her journey underscores the opulent environment and exceptional services that contribute to creating unforgettable memories in this truly unique destination. Join her as she explores the epitome of comfort and luxury on this extraordinary expedition to Antarctica.

Don’t miss “Cruising with Susan Calman” on Channel 5 on Friday 9th and 16th February at 8pm. Be part of this awe-inspiring journey, all from the comfort of the 6-star Discovery Yacht’s sumptuous surroundings.

Susan Calman
Susan Calman

Explore the Wonders on Board Scenic Eclipse

Step aboard Scenic Eclipse, where the elegance of a superyacht meets cutting-edge technology, offering you unparalleled journeys across the globe. With its Polar Class 6 rating, Scenic Eclipse ventures further. Relax in luxury as you traverse remote waters, guided by the experienced hands of our Discovery Team.

Embark on extraordinary Discovery Excursions, diving deep into the ocean’s mysteries or soaring high above the earth, aboard the only ship to offer such unmatched exploration opportunities with two helicopters^ and the bespoke submersible, Scenic Neptune.

After a day of adventure, retreat to the comforts of your luxurious Discovery Yacht. Indulge in relaxation at one of our up to nine bars and lounges, delight in the choice of up to ten dining experiences, and rejuvenate at the expansive Senses Spa, all while being attended to by a world-class crew.

Embarking on a voyage with Scenic Eclipse transcends traditional ocean cruising, offering a 6-star ultra-luxury expedition that stands in a league of its own.

Scenic Eclipse
Scenic Eclipse

“Antarctica in Depth” Cruise from Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires

Antarctica stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur, defying imagination with its pristine beauty. Its untouched icescapes, towering mountains emerging from the sea, and diverse wildlife create a breathtaking panorama. Each day brings new wonders along the Antarctic Peninsula, with ever-changing weather and scenery offering endless opportunities for photographers of all levels.

Awaken to breathtaking vistas and spend your days immersed in the marvels of this remote region. Guided by the experienced Discovery Team, embark on kayaking adventures, plunge into the pristine waters aboard our submarine – Scenic Neptune, or take flight in our specially designed helicopters. Throughout the journey, the Discovery Team enriches the experience with expert insights into the geology, wildlife, and history of Antarctica through onboard lectures and guided shore excursions.

Antarctica in Depth

    Antarctica in Depth – 13 Day Itinerary

    Day 1 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Arrive at your hotel for your one-night stay.
    Latin passion and European romance define the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a dynamic city known for its wide-ranging architectural styles, contemporary and historical arts, and culinary experiences.

    Day 2 – Buenos Aires > Ushuaia
    Your journey begins as you fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, known as the southernmost city in the world. The crew will warmly greet you as you seamlessly board Scenic Eclipse. Settle into your luxurious suite and acquaint yourself with the world-class facilities of your Discovery Yacht. Toast the start of your voyage as you sail away from South America and cruise through the Beagle Channel. Admire the dramatic views of the Andean mountains of Tierra del Fuego from the comfort of your private veranda.

    Day 3 – At sea
    As you begin sailing across the famed Drake Passage, enjoy a sleep-in as you get comfortable with the rhythm of the ocean. The experienced crew are available to assist you with whatever you need. Join an introductory presentation by the Discovery Team in the state-of-the-art theatre – as you get ready for your first landing, they will share with you their excitement about what’s to come, along with practical information about your polar expedition. Relax and enjoy the bars, lounges, dining, and wellness facilities as you cruise towards Antarctica.

    Day 4 – At sea
    Today you will enter Antarctic waters, and the excitement starts to build as you search for your first iceberg. Put on your complimentary polar parka and head out on the Observation Deck to watch for seabirds, such as the wandering albatross with the largest wingspan of any flying bird. Alternatively, watch for the blow of a whale in the distance. Your palate will be delighted as you explore the extensive range of dining options on board, from casual to fine dining including private in-suite meals served by your butler.

    Day 5 – Antarctica

    Arriving in Antarctica for the first time is unlike anything you have experienced before. Welcome to a challenging, unpredictable, and stunningly beautiful environment that always finds a way to surprise you. Open your floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and step out onto the private veranda of your suite. See icebergs of different shapes and sizes sculpted by nature, majestic, glaciated mountains towering out of the ocean thousands of meters tall and enjoy the search for spotting penguins, seals, and whales. A truly unique way to wake up and start your day of discovery.

    At the heart of your Antarctic Voyage is the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team. With up to 20 members, all leading experts in their fields with diverse qualifications, from in science to geology, botany, history, photography, archaeology, anthropology, marine biology, and glaciology. They will answer your most curious and technical questions and be with you throughout every moment of your journey.
    Included in your Expedition Voyage are incredible activities such as Zodiac excursions, landings, and hikes. You can also go kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, which will become some of your favourite activities in Antarctica. Gliding along the water is peaceful and being at the same level as the icebergs is both a humbling and powerful experience. An expert guide is with you for any questions you may have, although it is the perfect time to embrace the silence and be in the moment.
    Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Day 6 – Antarctica
    Board your Zodiac and feel the fresh, crisp air on your face as you cruise towards the 7th continent. Hear the snow crunch under your boot as you prepare for what the landing has in store. Each new encounter will fill you with awe. Witness wildlife in their natural habitat, with no fear of humans, or see historic sites scattered on the shoreline. Antarctica is truly a land of wonder.

    Due to the extraordinary nature of the region, a host of choices throughout your Expedition Voyage are open and dependent on the ice and weather conditions. Your experienced Captain and specialist Discovery Team, who have made countless journeys to Antarctica, will use their expertise to design your voyage from day to day, making the most of 18–20 hours of daylight.

    Continue exploring the Antarctica with your experienced team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Day 7 – Antarctica
    Remarkable wildlife encounters await during your time exploring Antarctica.

    Eight species of penguins can be found in Antarctic and the sub-Antarctic region, with around twelve million penguins living on the Peninsula. Going on shore to witness a penguin colony is an unforgettable experience. Close your eyes to get the full experience as you approach. Smell will be the first sense to be awakened, with the not-so-sweet odour announcing that you are nearby. Hear their mighty calls getting louder as you get closer to shore. Watch on as they go about their day, clumsily waddling along and interacting with each other. Penguins that you may see on the Peninsula include Adélie, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and the very rare Emperor penguins.

    Whales are another powerful creature that you may encounter during your voyage, and you’ll find their gentle movement calming and impactful. Feel the anticipation of the first sighting of the blow of water shooting into the air, to finding where the second will come from, and seeing their giant body surface for another breath. It could be the back of a minke, the hump on a humpback or the dorsal fin of an Orca. You may be on Scenic Eclipse, watching from the comfort of the Observation Lounge, in a Zodiac with an experienced Discovery Team member, or lucky enough to experience this from their level in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

    Antarctica is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, drawing more than 40 different species. Keep your eyes peeled for wandering albatrosses, shearwaters, giant petrels, storm petrels, blue-eyed shags, diving petrels, cormorants, sheathbills, skuas, gulls and terns.

    Explore Antarctica with your expert Discovery Team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Day 8 – Antarctica
    Ice is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Antarctica, but you will soon find out that it is much more than an endless white landscape. Portal Point is a potential landing site. Previously a British refuge hut, you will get the opportunity to walk up to see panoramic views from the snow-covered mountains surrounding you, looking over the ice filled ocean back to the ship that made all this possible. Sit down in the snow and take a moment to be still.

    Lemaire Channel is an iconic location in Antarctica, so photogenic it was nicknamed ‘Kodak Alley’. If your voyage is able to weave through the channel, make sure you set your alarm and embrace the cool air on the Observation Terrace. Pass through the 11-kilometre-long channel, just 700 metres wide at its narrowest point, and be amazed at the dramatic rocky mountains rising beside the ship and icebergs passing by close enough to see them glowing blue under the surface.

    Nestled in the South Shetland Islands archipelago, Deception Island is full of history, and is also one of the only places in the world that ships can sail directly into the centre of a submerged caldera of an active volcano. Scenic Eclipse can squeeze through a rocky gap into the peaceful waters of the horseshoe-shaped harbour. The island is also home to a few small scientific outposts and hundreds of thousands of chinstrap penguins. Walk along the ash-covered beaches.

    Standing at the entrance of Fournier Bay is Mount Francis, the tallest mountain in Antarctica. There may be the chance to visit a working scientific base and discuss life in these harsh conditions with the staff. You can also explore the remnants of a derelict whaling station and a vacant British base or climb to the rim of a volcanic crater.

    Enjoy the chance to visit areas alive with wildlife such as penguins, seals, and whales.

    Wherever your voyage takes you, you will have countless “pinch me” occasions when the scenery is so impressive, you’ll have to be reminded that this dream came true. Congratulations, you have made it to Antarctica.

    Continue exploring the Antarctica with your experienced team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Day 9 – Antarctica
    Be sure to pack your swimmers. For many, the polar plunge is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a rite of passage for people on an expedition to Antarctica. Once throughout your voyage, Scenic Eclipse will stop, and the team will set up the marina ready for the brave people who want to jump into the freezing Antarctic waters.

    Excitement will spread through the Discovery Yacht, and you will start hearing the contagious nervous laughter. As you stand on the edge ready to jump, you will start to feel the adrenaline rush while your second guessing whether this was a good idea. When you jump, the moment before you hit the water will feel like it goes forever, just before you feel the cold water travelling up your body. This chilly dip will be invigorating, exciting, and surprisingly refreshing.

    If you choose not to do the polar plunge, make sure you find a good viewing location with a cup of hot chocolate as you feel the chills of everyone coming out of the waters.

    Enjoy a Scenic Discovery excursion, perhaps going with a group of new friends to cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, kayak, or stand-up paddle board in search of the impressive wildlife.

    Day 10 – Antarctica
    Everywhere you go in Antarctica you are surrounded with endless opportunities to capture images on camera. Whether getting up close to seals by zodiac, walking through penguin colonies or onboard Scenic Eclipse cruising past spectacular glaciers, be sure to have your camera ready to capture these amazing moments.

    For an additional cost, today could be the day you take your seat in our custom-built submarine and delve below the ocean waters in a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. You could also choose to soar above in one of two on board helicopters for a unique view of this spectacular region.

    When enjoying daily Scenic Discovery excursions, ask for your expert Discovery Leader for photography tips and guidance on how to spot the wildlife around you. They will help you immortalise these incredible moments while cruising on the Zodiacs, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding around impressive ice formations.

    Day 11 – At sea
    Farewell your adventure in the icy lands and set sail heading north to the continent of South America. Share memories of your experiences with new-found friends.

    Day 12 – At sea
    Cruising the Drake Passage back to the tip of South America, there is plenty of time to indulge in the ultra-luxury of your Discovery Yacht and reflect on the magic of the Southern Ocean and the life that calls it home.

    Day 13 – Ushuaia, Argentina > Buenos Aires
    Your voyage ends this morning as you farewell the crew. Disembark after breakfast to fly to Buenos Aires, taking away memories of a truly unforgettable experience.

    Please note, the itinerary is a guide only and may be amended for operational reasons and weather conditions. As such, Scenic cannot guarantee the cruise will operate unaltered from the itinerary stated above.

    Antarctica in Depth
    Antarctica in Depth (2)

    All inclusive features

    • Return flights from the UK
    • Private Door to Door transfers 
    • The finest selection of included premium branded beverages, all day, every day
    • Only 200 guests for an exclusive small-ship experience and more multiple landings each day
    • A specialist Polar Discovery Team of up to 20 members
    • Butler service for every guest and an almost 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio
    • Up to 10 dining experiences from casual to fine dining
    • Indulgent 550m² Senses Spa, gym, yoga and Pilates studio
    • Engaging lectures and education program with on board experts
    • Scenic Discovery excursions

    Departure Dates

    11 November 2025
    10 December 2025
    4 January 2026
    15 January 2026
    13 February 2026

    FROM £11,999*pp
    *includes early bird savings & Art of Travel bonus discount !


      Scenic Eclipse Fact Sheet

      • Length: 168m
      • Guests: 228 (200 in Polar Regions)
      • Suites: 114
      • Crew: 176 (192 in Polar Regions)
      • Speed: 17 knots
      • Gross Tonnage: 17,085
      • Polar Class 6: Built to the latest uncompromising standards
      • Comfort Class 1 notation: The lowest noise and vibration
      • Advanced Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) System: Providing 100% fresh air in suites and public spaces
      • Almost 1:1 Staff-to-guest ratio
      Scenic Eclipse

      Scenic Eclipse Safety Information

      • Strengthened Hull, forward bow thrusters and an electronic Azipod propulsion system: Enables safe navigation
      • Advanced Kongsberg automated safety systems
      • Safe Return to Port: Compliant with multiple redundant main operating systems
      • Oversized Zero Speed Stabilisers: 50% larger than those of other ships for greater stability
      • GPS Dynamic Positioning system: Maintains location without dropping anchor
      • The Latest Emission Technology and IMO low Sulphur fuel
      • Advanced Wastewater Treatment System
      • Highly Effective Engines: Reduce emissions, noise, and vibration
      Scenic Eclipse

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