Insights from the CLIA Riverview Conference 2024


The CLIA Riverview Conference 2024 wasn’t just a gathering of industry insiders; it was an invitation for Travel Advisors, Travel Trade Press, and River Cruise Operators to come together and delve into the world of river cruising, where immersive experiences and sustainable practices intersect. Attendees were treated to a showcase of the most beautiful River Cruise Ships, and hear about latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in river cruising, all while keeping sustainability in mind as a vital component of the industries journey.

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Our conference began with a pre-conference invitation to join APT for cocktails, dinner, and a night of fantastic entertainment on the beautiful, and contemporary Travelmarvel Polaris. The service, cuisine, cabins, and hospitality were exceptional, and enjoyed by all who were fortunate to have been invited. We were also lucky be given an informative presentation as to the upcoming plans, new ships on the horizon and new itineraries coming for 2024 and 2025. Exciting times for clients!

Following our wonderful overnight on the Travelmarvel Polaris we moved on to the main conference where we were privileged to have an afternoon of informative, inspiring, and educational sessions from leading experts in the industry. Not only did the afternoon provide all attendees with incredible insights, but there was also lots of laughter and humour – what a great conference session! Followed with a night aboard the beautiful Amadeus Cara, again a wonderful evening of fantastic food, exquisite wines, and great entertainment.

The next day provided an opportunity to attend the River Cruise Trade Fair, where we had the opportunity to meet and chat with all the cruise operators, many of which we work with closely. Lunch was then hosted by A-Rosa on the family friendly, beautiful, A-Rosa Sena, followed by an afternoon of ship visits.

The closing day provided the opportunity to see the remaining ships, with drinks, canapes and hors d’oeuvres served on the stunning Uniworld SS Victoria.

We were extremely fortunate to have been able to explore all the ships detailed below, and what a great experience it was.

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Meet the Ships:

Throughout the conference, we had the pleasure of getting acquainted with some of the standout ships in the river cruising industry:

    • APT Travelmarvel – TRAVELMARVEL POLARIS: Journey to the ends of the earth aboard the TRAVELMARVEL POLARIS. With a contemporary style of river cruising and expert-led excursions, passengers can explore remote destinations in comfort and style, with exquisite cuisine.
    • Riviera Travel – MS GEOFFREY CHAUCER: Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of the MS GEOFFREY CHAUCER. With spacious accommodations, gourmet dining, and expertly curated itineraries, this ship offers a luxurious journey through Europe’s waterways.
    • Emerald Cruises – EMERALD DAWN: Embark on an unforgettable adventure aboard the EMERALD DAWN. From its sleek design to its innovative amenities, this ship sets the standard for modern luxury cruising.
    • Riverside Luxury Cruises – RIVERSIDE DEBUSSY: Experience the ultimate in luxury aboard the RIVERSIDE DEBUSSY. From its elegant design to its personalised service, this ship offers a truly indulgent cruising experience along Europe’s waterways.
    • AmaWaterways – AMASERENA: Step aboard the AMASERENA and embark on a journey of luxury and comfort. With state-of-the-art amenities and a focus on guest satisfaction, this ship promises an unparalleled cruising experience.
    • Avalon Waterways – AVALON IMAGERY II: The AVALON IMAGERY II offers a blend of elegance and sustainability. With initiatives to reduce environmental impact and a commitment to guest comfort, passengers can cruise with peace of mind.
    • Uniworld Boutique River Cruises – S.S. VICTORIA: Experience the epitome of boutique luxury aboard the S.S. VICTORIA. With exquisite accommodations, fine dining, and immersive shore excursions, every moment on board is a celebration of elegance and style.
    • VIVA Cruises – VIVA ONE: Set sail on the VIVA ONE and discover the beauty of sustainable travel. With eco-friendly practices and a focus on immersive experiences, passengers can explore the world while preserving it for future generations.
    • Amadeus River Cruises – AMADEUS CARA: Amadeus River Cruises, with the AMADEUS CARA, invests in research and development to explore alternative propulsion systems and energy-efficient designs, driving the industry towards a more sustainable future.
    • A-ROSA – A-ROSA SENA: A-ROSA, the A-ROSA SENA is a family friendly modern contemporary ship, with facilities for families of all age groups. From the playroom for the little ones and cabins with bunk beds with portholes, this ship caters for all ages, whilst engaging in community outreach and public education initiatives to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire positive action among guests and local communities along the rivers it sails.

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Your Journey Awaits:

From the moment you step aboard, river cruising offers a world of possibilities. Cruise lines are committed to creating unforgettable experiences for passengers, blending luxury, culture, and adventure along some of the world’s most picturesque waterways.

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Immersive Experiences Await:

But it’s not just about the ships; it’s about the experiences they offer. Each River Cruise Operator has many similarities, but also offer their own unique differences, from the cuisine and facilities and experiences on their ships, to the excursions and shore side offerings.

River cruising opens doors to a world of cultural immersion, epicurean delights, and onboard entertainment:

    • Cultural Exploration: Delve into the heart of each destination with expert-guided tours, cultural performances, and visits to historic landmarks. Whether it’s exploring charming villages or wandering through bustling markets, every shore excursion promises a deeper connection to the local culture.
    • Culinary Adventures: Indulge your taste buds with gourmet cuisine crafted by talented chefs using locally sourced ingredients. From wine tastings to cooking demonstrations, every meal is a culinary journey showcasing the flavours of the region.
    • Entertainment and Relaxation: Whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement, river cruising has something for everyone. From onboard spas and fitness centres to live music performances and engaging lectures, there’s never a dull moment on board.

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Embark on Your Adventure:

The CLIA Riverview Conference 2024 was a celebration of the boundless opportunities awaiting travellers on the rivers of the world. As industry specialists, we left inspired to create extraordinary river cruise experiences for our clients, knowing that unforgettable experiences and lasting memories await them along the way. So, as you plan your next getaway, consider the magic of river cruising and the extraordinary adventures that await you, and speak to the specialists that can guide towards the right cruise operator, right river, and right cabin type for you! The Team at Art of Travel have the knowledge, and first-hand experience to guide you on this journey.

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