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Douro 2025 Cruise

Embark on a breathtaking journey along the Douro River with APT Travelmarvel’s Exclusive Douro Discovery cruise. Departing on 11th September 2025, this 7-night river cruise aboard the luxurious MS Estrela, with a French Balcony cabin, promises an unforgettable experience. From the vibrant city of Porto to the charming villages and stunning landscapes, you’ll explore 11 captivating towns and enjoy various cultural highlights, such as a Flamenco show with lunch, complete with mesmerising Flamenco dancers.

Indulge in the exceptional services provided by the onboard team and local guides, ensuring a seamless and enriching holiday experience. You’ll have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Douro region, making memories that will last a lifetime. This offer includes a £500 per person discount, €50pp credit, drinks package and a low deposit of £99, making it even more enticing.

Book now to take advantage this exclusive offer and to avoid disappointment. Solo travellers are also welcome, with solo prices available on request. With a limited number of cabins, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Our team is ready to assist you with your booking.

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    LAST UPDATED: 20 June 2024

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    MS Estrela


    The MS Estrela offers an intimate and elegant cruising experience with spacious cabins, most featuring French Balconies for stunning river views. Onboard amenities include a stylish lounge, a sun deck with panoramic vistas, and a dining room serving gourmet cuisine. The attentive crew and expert guides ensure a seamless and enriching journey.

    “Art of Travel” Port Highlights


    Porto: Start your journey in the vibrant city of Porto, known for its stunning bridges and historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the famous port wine cellars and enjoy the lively atmosphere along the Ribeira district.

    Vila Nova De Gaia: Located just across the river from Porto, Vila Nova De Gaia is renowned for its port wine lodges. Stroll along the waterfront and visit one of the many cellars for a wine tasting experience.

    Regua: This town is the heart of the Douro Valley’s wine production. Enjoy breathtaking views of terraced vineyards and visit the Douro Museum to learn about the region’s rich winemaking history.

    Lamego: Lamego is a picturesque town known for its Baroque architecture and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Climb the monumental staircase of the sanctuary for a panoramic view of the town and surrounding landscape.

    Pinhao: Nestled in the heart of the Douro wine region, Pinhao offers stunning views of the river and vineyards. Visit the historic train station adorned with beautiful azulejo tiles depicting scenes of the Douro Valley.

    Vega De Terron: This small Spanish town serves as a gateway to the historic city of Salamanca. From here, you can take an excursion to Salamanca to explore its magnificent Plaza Mayor and ancient university.

    Castelo Rodrigo: Explore the medieval village of Castelo Rodrigo, perched high on a hill with panoramic views. Wander through its narrow streets and visit the well-preserved castle ruins.

    Salamanca: Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage city known for its beautiful sandstone buildings and prestigious university. Stroll through the lively Plaza Mayor and marvel at the ornate architecture of the University of Salamanca.

    Barca D’Alva: This quiet village is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful walk. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and the picturesque views of the Douro River.

    Mateus Palace: Visit the iconic Mateus Palace, famous for its grand Baroque architecture and beautiful gardens. The palace’s stunning facade and intricately designed interiors are a highlight of the tour.

    Entre-Os-Rios: Situated at the confluence of the Douro and Tamega rivers, Entre-Os-Rios is known for its scenic beauty. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the riverbanks and soak in the tranquil surroundings.

    Vila Nova De Gaia (Return): Returning to Vila Nova De Gaia, you have another chance to explore its delightful riverside area. Take a boat tour on the Douro River for a different perspective of the city and its stunning scenery.

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